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Incorporated in 1989, Miniature Ball Industries is one of the most reputed manufacturers and exporters of high quality stainless steel balls, non-ferrous brass balls, bearing balls, bicycle balls, grinding media & steel burnishing media from India.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at MBI are committed to improving the quality of life of the communities we operate in. We believe that for any development to be sustainable, people need to be empowered to support themselves in the first place. The company also believes that in every human being and organization, there is a latent need to "give back to society".
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When maintaining the integrity of the ball finish in a corrosive environment is important, choose from our quality stainless steel balls, which are being manufactured for such applications as bearings, bicycle parts, casters and wheels, etc.
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Non-ferrous brass balls provide excellent resistance to corrosion by water, and are substantially lower in cost than other corrosion-resisting balls. Brass balls are frequently used in many types of valve applications requiring small-size balls.
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Chrome alloy steel with uniform carbide distribution and fine grain size is used as raw material for all of our bearing balls. We are using highest-grade vacuum degassed chrome alloy steel wires manufactured in modern electric arc furnaces.
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Bicycle steel balls are used where expected wear and tear is less. Material used is EN-9, EN-31 and Mild Steel. Balls of this material have the advantage of being through hardened and will take higher loads and provide longer life.
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We manufacture steel grinding media in various alloy steel compositions, shapes and sizes for diverse grinding and milling applications. This grinding media for ball mills, pulverizers and attritors is cold forged and ground.
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For all kinds of surface processing, we provide a wide variety of steel burnishing media in in carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316 and 420 or chrome alloy steel and peculiar shapes ranging from eclipses, balcones or satellites, diagonals and pins.
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